About Radio Mastery for IFR Pilots

Everything you need to know to talk to Air Traffic Control while flying IFR.

In Radio Mastery for IFR Pilots, fly around the country with Jeff, talking to Air Traffic Control in every class of airspace. Along the way, you’ll not only learn the essential phrases of radio communication for IFR, you’ll also learn vital strategies and tactics that work perfectly with ATC.

Radio Mastery for IFR Pilots is a very personal conversation between you and a fellow pilot who understands where you’re coming from. It’s written with humor and compassion for the pilot who wants to improve on the radio.

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  • IFR radio procedures and techniques for Class A, B, C, D, and E airspace using real-world scenarios.
  • All U.S. and ICAO radio phrases from weekend pleasure flights to professional operations.
  • Advice and opinions from certified air traffic controllers.
  • How to copy pre-departure and enroute clearances.
  • Special techniques for copying and executing complex taxi clearances.
  • TRACON, ARTCC, Flight Service, tower and ground operations.
  • Radio skills for normal, abnormal, and emergency situations.
  • Loaded with graphics and illustrations for easy understanding.
  • “Practical Headwork”: exercises you may try at home to prepare you for your next flight.
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