Hanging On to ATC Clearances

How good are you at hanging on to an ATC clearance that is long and complicated?

Houston Center says, “Commanche 448 Juliette Mike, reduce speed to 160, then descend and maintain 9,000 thousand. The Galveston altimeter is 29.86.”

In this week’s edition of IFR Flight Radio, I’ll give you tips and techniques for recording and reading back a long, complicated ATC clearance.

Add-On Instrument Bugs

Add-On Instrument Bugs

We’ll consider the answer to the Question of Week presented in our last show.

I’ll also have a brand new Question of the Week for you to chew on.

Pull the chocks and get ready to taxi. IFR Flight Radio’s is on the move again.

Supplements and References for this week’s show:

Short Term Memory References



Add-On Aircraft Instrument Bugs

At Sporty’s Pilot Shop

At Aircraft Spruce and Specialty

AIM 5-4-1 2. “DESCEND VIA.”

(a) Clearance to “descend via” authorizes pilots to:

(1) Vertically and laterally navigate on a STAR/RNAV STAR/FMSP.

(2) When cleared to a waypoint depicted on a STAR/RNAV STAR/FMSP, to descend from a previously assigned altitude at pilot’s discretion to the altitude depicted for that waypoint, and once established on the depicted arrival, to navigate laterally and vertically to meet all published restrictions.


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