The Book Lives!

Radio Mastery for IFR Pilots

“Everything you need to know to talk to Air Traffic Control while flying IFR.”
You know how long it takes to write a book that makes that claim? A year and a half. How long did I think it would take? Oh, only about 6 months.

I missed my deadline by 1 year. In geological time that’s a blink of an eye.

It was worth it though. In that time, I got some great help from pilots, certified flight instructors, and certified professional controllers. Even the FAA chimed in on one topic.

The result is:

  • A very readable book filled with easy this-is-how-to-do-it
  • Sprinkled with (my idea of) humor
  • That will make you a pro communicator on the radio.

Radio Mastery for IFR Pilots is available right now at*

Update for Oct 31: The “Search Inside this Book” feature has been added to the listing at The listing for the book at just went online today (Oct 26). They have yet to add the full “Search Inside this Book” feature to the listing. If you would like a peak inside portions of the book that aren’t shown at, you can do it right here.

*The fine print: I earn a commission from when you use this link to order.

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  • Greg Klasson

    Just got my copy and it’s a MUST READ ! Esp for GA pilots flying IFR.

    • JeffK

      Hey Greg,

      Thank you for buying the book and for the nice words. Write anytime with questions.


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