The Launch of IFR Flight Radio

Are you:

  • Working on your instrument rating?
  • Learning how to communicate with ATC while flying IFR?
  • Looking for something better than the Aeronautical Information Manual to explain IFR radio procedures?
  • Want insider tips on how to get what you want from ATC?

Here is your go-to-source for IFR radio communication procedures and techniques.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll have articles, podcasts, interviews, and graphical explanations to answer all of your questions about IFR radio work.

Stay tuned!

Jeff Kanarish

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  • Chuck Link Reply

    Welcome back to the fray, and thanks for the new tips. For a while now I’ve been trying to streamline my radio calls after saying such silly things as “Roger that” to ATC. It’s amazing how something like that just rolls off the tongue if you don’t truly consider the words. I used to always say “Mooney XYZ with you at 8 thousand 5 hundred” when being handed off between controllers, that is until I read a recent Martha Lunken article in Flying railing about improper radio calls (and specifically the term “with you”). Sadly it took a LOT of searching to find the proper phraseology (which I believe would be “Mooney XYZ level at 8 thousand 5 hundred”. I’ll pick up your new book to see what other nonsense I’m engaging in that might be easily corrected.

    • JeffK Link Reply

      Hey Chuck,

      Thank you! Yes, I have heartburn about “with you” also. It’s of my Top 5 time wasters on the radio. I wrote an article about it a couple of weeks ago. Also, I went round and round with another pilot who had been saying it for so long, he just couldn’t fathom the idea of not saying it, even though I convinced him it had no value.

      I’m sure the book will help you. Let me know if it generates any questions or if you have some feedback on it for me. Good to hear from you.


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